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Privacy policy

Sored SA and the entire Miauton Holding SA Group attach the greatest importance to protecting your personal data. Therefore, respecting the protection of the private sphere is a priority when data is collected, used, stored or even possibly transmitted to adequately organize communication appropriately and to improve our services.
As data protection is taken very seriously within Sored and the entire Miauton Holding SA Group, we would like to inform you about how we treat it. This privacy policy document describes in detail how your personal data is processed and how the principles established by the Data Protection Act (nLPD) are applied when processing your personal data.
Information gathering


Processing of personal data

The processing of personal data and our needs relating to it vary depending on the partners involved. In this circle, we treat our customers, suppliers, visitors to our websites, applicants for open positions and our employees differently.

1. Customer
This category includes, as the name suggests, our customers and any other parties for whom the company provides services.

Customer data
Our customers' data is processed ensuring that contractual agreements can be implemented while guaranteeing the best possible commercial business relationship.
This data is collected directly from our customers and through public channels (trade register, internet, LinkedIn and others).
Customer data is stored and regularly updated in our database. The purpose is to be able to contact our customers in connection with the services provided or which could be offered.
Data may also be used to meet any obligations towards the authorities or, potentially, to send out appropriate information or advertising campaigns.
The data collected on our customers is only used for very limited purposes. Our needs are limited solely to customer details or contact details. The information in question is mainly names, business addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. In some cases, additional information that a member of the company has voluntarily shared is also stored / retained.

2. Supplier (including sub-contractors)
The term refers to companies, partnerships or sometimes independent individuals who provide services of all kinds for the company. In certain circumstances, these services may involve subcontracting work.

Supplier data
In order to be able to communicate, it is necessary for the company to have access to the contact details of the responsible person within the various entities concerned. Additional information is also required, such as bank details, in order to be able to honor contractual commitments (payments).
Our suppliers' data is stored and regularly updated in our database. It may also be used to satisfy our obligations towards the authorities or potentially to send out information campaigns.
The data in question mainly consists of names, business addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. In some cases, additional information voluntarily provided by a member of the supplier's organization is also stored. Bank details are also collected so that payments can be made.

3. Employee
The information presented in this document does not directly target employees of our company or Group. The management of our employees' personal data, which strictly complies or respects the same principles as those presented in this document, is communicated to them through documents dedicated to them.

4. Candidate
This term includes all persons who have expressed an interest in occupying one of the position in our company or our Group and who in this context have provided personal data in this context.

Candidate data
These data are transmitted directly by candidates or by intermediaries deliberately chosen by them and with their consent. It includes publicly available data (on the Internet, LinkedIn or other sources) and personal data. However, no so-called "sensitive" data is collected (health, religion, ethnicity, politics, sexuality, etc.).
Measures are taken to guarantee the protection of candidates' personal data. Only data strictly necessary for the purpose of processing is collected. Consultation is limited to the smallest possible number of people (HR, senior management and the person responsible for the position in question). It is only kept for the time needed to carry out the process for as long as is necessary for processing. If the application does not result in a commitment, the information is kept for a maximum of six months after the end of the recruitment process. In the event of a recruitment, the data is transferred to the employee's file.

5. Visitor of our website
This designation applies to anyone accessing the company's website.
When visiting our website, general information is automatically collected. This information does not allow conclusions to be drawn about the individual. This information is technically necessary to present the requested content and is mandatory when using the Internet. This anonymous information may be used to generate statistics used for content improvement purposes.

Internet visitor data
Except for the case where a person voluntarily contacts the company through this channel, in which case he or she would be considered a (potential) customer, only anonymous data is collected. This data is used to facilitate the experience of using our website.
The data collected may relate to various items of information such as the pages consulted, the frequency or the location of the connection, or other information of this type.



All required and appropriate technical and organizational measures are taken to protect your personal data from unauthorized access and misuse. These measures will be adapted as appropriate to the current state of technology.


Request for information or deletion of personal data

Anyone can contact the company or the Group at any time to obtain an inventory of the data stored within our entities. The deletion, rectification or revision of your personal data may be requested at any time.


Changes to the data protection declaration

We may make changes to this privacy policy at any time. Any fundamental changes will be communicated in a timely and clearly visible manner on our website.

Caution.pngBy using our services, you agree to this privacy policy and to our processing of personal data in compliance with Swiss data protection law, in particular the Federal Data Protection Act (DPA).

March 2024