Sored SA La Chaux-de-Fonds


- FEBRUARY 2024 -

At Sored SA, precision is
our passion, and you are
at the heart of our business.

For Valentine's Day, we want to express our gratitude for your loyalty and trust in us.

We want to remind you that each component we manufacture is the result of meticulous work, flawless expertise, and particular attention to quality.

It is this commitment to excellence that unites us and makes our collaboration a success at every stage.

The entire Sored team thank you for your trust

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- DECEMBER 2023 -

SORED SA wishes you a
Happy Holiday season!

May this festive season be one of warmth and sharing.

As we look forward to 2024, we are thrilled about the exciting new projects we’re working on and look forward to continuing this adventure with you.

We are closed from December 21st to January 7th, 2024.

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- FEBRUARY 2023 -

Valentine's day

On this Valentine’s Day we celebrate unity and loyalty, core values that SORED SA respects with honour.

To keep the fire burning in our relationship, we acquired new machines which will allow us to maintain a strong bond with every client.

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nearest micron
- DECEMBER 2022 -

A new year always
brings surprises !

For SORED SA, it will bring new machinery and we will be delighted to make you discover them throughout the year. We are eager to cooperating with you again in 2023 for new projects and we wish you the best for the Holiday Season!

SORED SA will be closed from Wednesday 21 December 2022 to Monday 9 January 2023.

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nearest micron
- SUMMER 2022 -

Happy Swiss
National Day ch1

SORED SA wishes you a wonderful summer and a very festive 1st August!

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nearest micron
- JUNE 2022-

Do you need a partner able
to produce parts accurate to the nearest micron ?

Contact Sored, we are the specialist of the infinitely small and together, we can think big.

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Valentine's day
- APRIL 2022-

Egg hunt is
now open at Sored!

If you want to give Spring to your Easter holidays, come and discover our skills.

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Valentine's day
- FEBRUARY 2022-

It's Valentine's day !

Take care of your loved one. And for your parts, trust SORED :

From relaxing massage to stretching and bending, from polishing bath to cutting, we will take good care of them.

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New year 2022
- DECEMBER 2021-

SORED SA wishes you all
the best for the New Year !

We will be closed from December 23rd - January 5th.

We look forward to working closely with you again to realize together your wildest projects for this new year full of innovation and success.

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- APRIL 2021-



It is during this early spring time that we look forward to planting the seeds of your future BLOSSOMING PROJECTS.

SORED is here to accompany your projects and see them flourish by your side.


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St Valentin
- february 2021 -


Love, is to look together in the same direction.

(A. de St Exupéry)


It is in this spirit that we always collaborate with you, in order to find together THE ideal SOLUTION for your project.

From La Chaux-de-Fonds, with Love ♥,

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- October 2020 -


Are you looking for a local partner, able to produce high quality stamped parts ?
SORED SA offers you a personalized service !

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- August 2020 -

Swiss National Day

It is important for SORED SA to celebrate Swiss National Dayv with you, symbol of union, a word that is close to our hearts to share with ours customers and partners.

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