Soored SA
Sored SA Our art is manufacturing springs and micro-components






SORED S.A. has been enriched through nearly a century of rich tradition after having acquired the Fabrique Nationale de Ressorts SA, which was specialized in the manufacturing of stamped and bent parts made from wire. Thanks to this contribution, SORED was successful in establishing itself and has gradually become a reference in this market.  Qui A





 SecteursActivites Subsequently, this mastery has been amplified and diversified to respond to the special requests of new market areas which have enriched the existing markets. It currently englobes such fields as medical, electronics, connectology, telecommunications, aeronautics, aerospace, transports, watchmaking and many more …





In the early 2000's, SORED further strengthened its position as a market leader in the field of special springs, compression springs, traction, tension, and shape, and widened its activities in the development of micro spings and micro components with high added value, made from either wire or bands.  Qui C





 Qui D Today, the SORED S.A. company - which exports the majority of its production - has numerous specialists in the field, dispatched in teams in its different departments: Research & Development, Precision machining and tooling, Production, Quality control, and Logistics. These teams are made up of experienced people, ready to meet the technical and logistical challenges that will be handed to them, in order to find the best possible solution to realise your project in partnership with you.





Once the production process for your project has been put into place, this collaboration will continue in the form of a partnership based on trust in order to ensure the quality, quantities and the logistical follow through necessary for your product during all the years it will be in production.  Qui E