Soored SA
Sored SA Our art is manufacturing springs and micro-components







 Our competencies


We have the advantage of specialized, experienced teams, whose members have perfect knowledge of high technology equipment. They will, in a permanent, trust-based relationship with you, analyse and study your project, potentially developing the necessary tools to put your product into the production process. We guarantee you maximum quality assurance in function with your most various and complex needs. In research as well as in production, we continuously seek to push our limits in all fields of application.






 Competences Outillages

Tooling capacities


We are able to create personalized, advanced mechanical tools to produce your product. This know-how is the key-element which sets us apart and leads to the ultimate satisfaction of your most specialized demands, including the final realisation of your desired product.





Production capacities


We have a mastery of the entire production process and can therefore ensure you that it will be tailored to fit your product, in function with your quality, quantity and delivery needs.
Stamped and/or bent, coiling wire into various springs (compression, traction, tension), micro-mechanical assemblies of all sorts (including by laser welding) and, in function with different products, polishing, grinding, compression, high quality thermal and surface treatments... are just some of the different processes which we master to perfection. This is thanks to a team of experts, who havea vast park of state of the art machines, designed to facilitate flexibility and reliability in production, at their disposition. Our possibilities are limitless and we can offer you other proceedures upon request.
Our capacities and experience, acquired over numerous years in the field of springs and micro springs, allows us to work with wires starting from a diameter of just 30 microns and places us in the ranks of the most important manufacturers of high precision springs and micro springs in the world.






Competences Qualite

Quality assurance


Thanks to cutting-edge technology equipment which is also in the quality control sector for checking workmanship and finishing, we guarantee the perfect execution of all your demands in this area. The quality of our production is also - for us as it is for you - the guarantee that we truly are your partner of choice.





Logistical capacities


This is what we could call the "strong point" of our commitment to you. Mastery of your quality, procedural and logistical demands is, for us, as it certainly is for you, just as important as the realisation of the product itself. Indeed, we feel that mastering the logistics sets the conditions for nearly the entire mastery of the product realisation process, which goes into the smallest of details, from the development of machinery to conditioning and shipping the final finished product. And we remain your partner of choice throughout the years of production that will be necessary to bring your product to life.