Soored SA
Sored SA Our art is manufacturing springs and micro-components





Our production process can be summarized in four main phases, always in continuous collaboration with your quality and logistical requirements :


  1. We analyse and study your concept or project with you in order to define a process as well as all the elements that will be necessary to carry it out.
  3. Once the process has been defined, we either move on to a first prototype phase, or directly to producing the appropriate tools, with a focus on setting up the industrialisation application.
  5. We then move on to installing the manufacturing procedures for your project, by producing a preliminary-series, generally called « zero-series ».
  7. Finally, once the solution has been validated and the industrialisation process has been put into place, we ensure the continuity and reliability of our working relationship in function with your demands for growth and product life throughout the years of production. It will be established in the form of a logistical partnership which will be continuously sustained.











We assume full responsibility for the quality, quantity, and delivery dates for production of your product including your logistical demands and therefore assure you that there will be continuous follow-up for as long as it takes your product to be produced.




Here are four more reasons that make us your partner of choice :


  • Our experience and capacities in Research & Development allow us to resolve and carry out your most demanding projects.
  • Our know-how and mastery of tooling are key elements that allow us to satisfy your demands.
  • The well thought out composition of our vast machine park allows us to be highly flexible yet have a maximum of reliability on the production level and therefore responsive to your most diverse needs.
  • Mastering all of your quality, procedural and logistical demands is just as important to us as creating the product itself. Therefore, we remain your partner of choice throughout the entire product life cycle. « We're in it for the long haul. »