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We are a Swiss company where quality, precision and know-how are the results of a rich heritage and experience dating back nearly a century in the production of custom-made complex technical parts; springs and micro-springs, stamped and/or bent parts, micro-componants with high added value, sub-assemblies ...


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We offer high end technical components that are custom-made and for which very elaborate specificities evidently distinguish them from standard products on the market. They are made from bands or wires, either stamped and/or bent parts, springs and micro-springs, micro-components and multiple-assemblies which may be destined for use in the most diverse sectors of activity. We ensure their developement from concept analysis, study and definition of the best solution all the way to industrial production and logistical follow-up in permanent partnership with you, the client.


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A trusted partner in keeping with your requirements, we put our near century of  experience at your service for everything regarding research and development, as well as our mastery of all the necessary elements for carrying out the industrialization of your project. We ensure the quality and the logistical follow through, in the form of a permanent partnership during all the years involved in its production.


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